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Processed Plastic Company

About us

Processed Plastic Company is a wholly owned division of J. Lloyd International.

Our 1st truck

Our current line includes toys in the following categories; Ride-Ons, Spring & Summer, Storage Units, Vehicles & Playsets, Mini Figures, Doll Accessories, and Banks.

Our current line varies greatly from the year that Processed Plastic was founded in 1948 as a manufacturer of low-end plastic toy vehicles.

As Processed Plastic grew, it recognized the need to diversify and, in 1965, it purchased Tim Mee Toy and became the largest manufacturer of small army men figures in the U.S. - so far selling over 1.5 billion figures.

ATV Rider

With more of its competitors manufacturing product offshore, as a domestic manufacturer Processed Plastic had the ability to build large toys and carved out its niche by beginning to manufacture large riding toys, which could not easily be shipped in from overseas. In 1967 we started offering Riding Toys, and since then, we have sold over 25 million Riding Toys, retailing from $9.99 to $29.99.

Not long after, we added Spring & Summer toys. First selling basic plastic toys for the sand and beach, then expanding to role-play toys for the garden and sports toys.

From its beginning, Processed Plastic's strength has been in plastic preschool vehicles.They are rugged toys for rugged play!

Our Product Line sells to various Retail Accounts in all classes of trade, including: Mass Market, Toy, Grocery and Drug, Distributors, and others.

Processed Plastic Company was purchased by J. Lloyd International, Inc. in 2005.

Enjoy our product line and contact us if we can offer you any assistance.

Figures created by Processed Plastic

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